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If you are new to, I am happy you joined us in learning The Revelation of Jesus Christ. I hope you are provoked in some way by the words of life to keep you coming back to have the revelation of Jesus revealed to you. 


My name is Daniel Ellis, and I created this website to share the revelation of Jesus that I have received from Him. There is so much to experience in Jesus Christ, and I hope you will join me in learning this great revelation.


These writings and teachings focus on one specific idea: Jesus is Alive! This same Jesus that we say is alive and lives in our hearts is the same Jesus that lives in heaven after He was raised from the dead. With this in mind, if Jesus is the Word of God, who is the resurrection and the life, and He lives in us, then we are also partakers of His resurrection and life. If He is alive, then we should be alive with Him. If He is in heaven, then we should be with Him in heaven. All this is made possible by the Holy Spirit and the words Jesus sent us. They connect us to Jesus Christ so that while we live in the flesh, we can walk in the Spirit with Him.


We who are on the earth often focus on Jesus and His life while He was in the flesh, and in doing so, we have often forgotten to ask the question: who is Jesus after His resurrection? Jesus is the resurrected Christ we have always wanted to know more personally. The good news is that Jesus has taught us how to experience Him after His resurrection. That's the message that Wake Your Bible wants to proclaim. He is alive, and we don't have to wait until we die to be resurrected with Him. We can live in the Spirit of resurrection right now.


Wake Your Bible


Have you ever considered that we are God's walking Bible? You are a Bible who manifests the things God has said to you. If you are hearing by the Spirit of truth and understanding the truth through the eyes of resurrection, your life and manifestation are filled with spiritual living. In resurrection, you represent Jesus and His resurrection. Your Bible is alive because Jesus is alive within you. Therefore, just like the written Bible we have today, you are a walking example of the resurrection of Jesus as well.


The opposite is also true. If you are spiritually dead and have misperceived the words of Jesus, then your life is manifesting the works of the flesh in a mindset of death. You can accomplish the works of the flesh by making the spiritual works of God a physical thing.


To be spiritually minded is life. (Romans 8:5-8) To be raised with Christ is to live in the Spirit of resurrection and be children of that same spirit (Luke 20:35-36). Resurrection makes you heavenly-minded because it has opened the heavenly realm to you. All of this applies when talking about the resurrection of Jesus. 


Now that Adam is awake and Jesus is resurrected, it's time to Wake your Bible. The point of this website is that you begin to see the Bible through the eyes of the resurrection. As we have been raised with Christ, so has our Bible. It's not as if the Bible itself can be dead; our consciousness makes God's Word dead or alive to us. When we have been raised with Him, our Bible has been raised with Him also. Therefore, reading and meditating on the Scriptures is life rather than death.


With these ideas in mind, I have posted a few links to teachings that will help you get started in your search for the revelation of Jesus Christ.


Wake Your Bible

The Mind of Jesus

How to be Taught by Jesus

What Does Jesus Desire?

Are You Risen with Christ?

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