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The Judges

Now in Canaan, Israel is commanded to serve God and be a blessed people. But because of Israel's desire to rebel against God, they fall into a cycle of  continual rebellion. Many judges, or deliverers, are raised up by God to guide Israel.

The Judges – Now living in Canaan, Israel was commanded to serve God and be blessed. They conquered the city of Jerusalem, which became a dwelling place for the people of God. But soon after Joshua died, Israel was seduced to work evil by the surrounding nations. Israel was taken into captivity by its enemies over and over again. Through many years, God raised up saviors in Israel called judges. The judges continually delivered Israel from their enemies.


Every time a Judge was in rule, Israel was faithful. But after each Judge died, Israel became wicked and fell into the captivity of their enemies. This pattern was a continual cycle of disobedience and death. It was followed by great sorrow and a need for repentance. The book of Judges is a clear example of how God was always willing to forgive His people of their sins while helping them overcome.


Twelve Judges in Israel ruled for the space of about four hundred and fifty years before the birth of Samuel the prophet. And even with these judges leading Israel, they still would not be consistently faithful to God. Judges 2:16-19; Acts 13:20.


The Judges


  1. Othniel (40 years)

  2. Ehud (80 years)

  3. Shamgar also delivered Israel

  4. Deborah (40 years)

  5. Gideon (40 years)

  6. Tola (23 years)

  7. Jair (22 years)

  8. Jephthah (6 years)

  9.  Isban (7 years)

  10.  Elon (10 years)

  11.  Abdon (8 years)

  12.  Samson (40 years)


The prophet Samuel – As the time of the Judges neared its end, God gave Hannah a son named Samuel. Because of this blessing, she gave Samuel back to the Lord to be raised in the temple of God. Samuel would be a great prophet of God that would establish truth back to the house of Israel. It is said that none of his prophecies ever failed. 


God would lead Samuel to oversee the beginning of one of the vilest and destructive times in the history of Israel. He was very faithful to God, and when he spoke to kings, it came directly from God Himself. With that said, Samuel had his hands full working with such rebellious people in Israel. 

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