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Israel's New Home
(Promise Land)

To posses the land that God promised them, they had to take the land from their enemies. Now led by Joshua they conquered their enemies and took the land. Once they possessed it they divided the land among all the 12 tribes of Israel.

The promised land – Through many battles, Israel conquers the inhabitants of the land of Canaan, including the great city of Jericho, and possesses it for themselves. These victories fulfill the word that Abraham received from the Lord that God would give them a land to inherit that they would call their own. Joshua divides the land up for each tribe to take possession and prosper.


(This is a great example of the spiritual possession that God has given you. It is a new land that is fruitful and prosperous. That land is your soul, a land free from enemies and overflowing with the abundance of God’s blessing. As a type and shadow, Israel did not fully enter into those blessings in the old testament, but it can be fulfilled in the new covenant with Jesus Christ.)


Joshua dies – Israel was now established in their new land. But after Joshua died, Israel rebelled against God again. Idolatry and adulteries were a common theme among Israel’s people. Even though Israel was in their land, they allowed enemies to coexist in that land. Because of this, Israel was afflicted and overcome many times by those enemies. But God, who is faithful to His people, raised judges to deliver Israel from his enemies and restore righteousness.

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