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Bible Overview Introduction 

1. The Beginning

God created the heaven and the earth. The man is formed from the dust of the ground and made a living soul. He is placed in the garden of Eden and given commandments to keep & obey, his disobedience will result in death.

2. The Fall of Adam

God puts the man (Adam) in a deep sleep and gives him a wife. In the sleep Adam disobeys God’s commandment and enters into sin & death. Because of his knowledge of sin, God sends him out of the garden of God to live in the earth.

3. The Flood and the New Covenant

As man lived in the earth the imaginations of their heart became very wicked. Because of this God said He will flood the earth. He raises up Noah, to save the righteous from the flood, and preserve the seed of God, while destroying the wicked.

4. The Patriarch's (Israel's Beginning)

The time of the Patriarchs is when God begins to establish His covenant with man. His covenant begins with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who through them the seed of God is manifested, and the nation of Israel begins with Jacob's 12 sons.

5. Israel in Captivity in Egypt

When a famine hits the land, Jacob moves his family to Egypt where his son Joseph is in living and in charge of the food. But after Jacob & Joseph die, a new Pharaoh rises and forces Jacob's sons into bondage as slaves for 400 yrs. 

6. The Exodus and the Wilderness

God raises up Moses and delivers Israel from the captivity of Egypt and leads them through the wilderness to bring them to a new home. In the wilderness God intends to meet them and teach them to trust in Him as their one true God.

7. Israel's New Home (Promise Land)

To posses the land that God promised them, they had to take the land from their enemies. Now led by Joshua they conquered their enemies and took the land. Once they possessed it they divided the land among all the 12 tribes of Israel.

8. Judges Lead Israel

Now in Canaan, Israel is commanded to serve God and be a blessed people. But because of Israel's desire to rebel against God, they fall into a cycle of  continual rebellion. Many judges, or deliverers, are raised up by God to guide Israel.

9. Kings and Prophet Rule Israel

Israel's mistrust in God caused them to desire a King to reign in Israel. After many years of wicked and evil kings leading the people to do evil, God began sending many prophets to warn Israel of their great wickedness. Israel would not hear.

10. Israel's Captivity and Return Home

Because Israel would not turn to the Lord, they are turned over to their enemies. Their cities are destroyed, their people are scattered and taken captive. After 70 years of captivity God releases Israel. They return home to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple of God and He prepares them for the coming Messiah.

11. Jesus Manifested in the Flesh

Jesus is born, fulfilling the prophecies that a savior would come and save the people from their sins. Jesus, who is without sin, sacrifices Himself in death that He may give eternal life to all who believe. His disciples continued His work.

12. The Apostles and the New Church

The Apostles of Christ are sent into all the world to preach the gospel to all who would believe. The signs of the works of God followed them as they preached the kingdom of God with power and demonstration, revealing Jesus Christ.

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