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I’m Daniel Ellis. My whole life, I’ve had a desire to live for Jesus. Every decision I’ve made has been to accomplish that. I started preaching the gospel at age 16 and never looked back. Then one day, at age 29, I had a dream that changed my life forever. Jesus appeared in my dream and opened my eyes to His revelation. Since then, I have dedicated my life to preaching and teaching His revelation to all who will believe. Through the years, Jesus has continued to teach me many things that have transformed my life and my Bible and caused me to realize that His revelation is more spiritual than I first considered. I pray the Lord uses these teachings to resurrect your spirit and Wake Your Bible to a new heavenly gospel that prepares you for a life that glorifies God in every way.

About this Website

What is Wake Your Bible?

The writings and teachings on this website are the teachings and testimony of Daniel Ellis. All teachings are based on the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ that I have personally experienced. As a teaching website, we give you weekly teachings that have become a spiritual library that you can return to and increase your spiritual awareness concerning the revelation of Jesus and the kingdom of God.


What is the focus of Wake Your Bible? 

The focus is always on Jesus Christ. But in greater detail, it reveals the great mystery of Christ’s resurrection. Much of the gospel of Jesus is taught from the life He lived while on earth. Without overlooking that part, I focus on the resurrected Jesus, which works within all believers today. The gospel is to the inward person, and the Bible is a spiritual story that God has set within the hearts of you, and I. Jesus is alive and glorified. It’s time to experience the things which are above and learn to walk in the Spirit of resurrection right now. Let’s get ready for our eternal life. 


Why do you focus more on the inward part than the outward?

Why seek the living among the dead? Jesus is the resurrection and life. He is glorified and now lives within us. To see Him, we must experience Him in the Spirit. He offers eternal life, which is our inheritance, and that’s a spiritual matter. Focusing on spiritual things more than material things will prepare us to live in eternity as children of God born of the Spirit. Not that our physical life doesn’t matter, because it does, it’s more so that if our hearts and minds can perceive spiritual things, then living our physical lives will glorify God in the right way. 2 Corinthians 4:18 


What Bible version is used in the blogs and teachings?

This website primarily uses the (ESV) English Standard Version and sometimes the (KJV) King James Version.


Why are the blog pictures numbered?

Each writing has a number that can be easily referenced when searching for a specific title.


Do I need to read the blog numbers in order?

No, the subjects are arranged to help many people at different places in their spiritual growth. You can read most topics without an introduction to previous teachings. I encourage you to follow along each week and also read as the Spirit leads you. 


For questions, comments, or topic suggestions, email us at .

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